Something has been bubbling away for the last few months and it’s got me reflecting about the big questions you know the ones

who am I?

what do I bring?

what’s my vision?

The conclusion: quite simply my vision is ‘Let’s create a loving world…”

This is my guiding intention, my purpose of life, so everything I do I can now fit within this vision. And if it doesn’t fit then allows me to question what am I doing it for!

It’s only when I started to become aware and focus on my internal world, how I felt, what I was choosing to think about and how this has influenced my actions, that my outer world changed for the better. Situations, relationships and experiences were almost unrecognisable!

There is so much heart ache in the world right now so even if we just simply start with loving ourselves and others a bit more in our thoughts and actions and Through my work I help others to do the same. Results a more satisfying and successful life/work experience this creates a ripple effect on others that we live and work with, so we can all then help to also create a loving world.

I spent years looking at how I could be more loving, patient, productive and content in my life and realised it all starts with Self Mastery. You may have heard that term before, but what actually is self-mastery?

My definition of self-mastery is….

M otivation

A ssertiveness

S elf Belief

T ransformation

E mpowerment

R elationships

Y our Vision


Once I mastered these skills I found so much more peace of mind.

And this forms the foundation of the work I do with my clients.

So, what do each of these terms mean?

Motivation – you know that moment when you are ready to bounce out of bed and start the day – do you feel ready to say yes to the day every day?


Assertiveness – saying no and what you really think without fear or severing relationships – how often have you been in a tricky situation of either not saying no what you think or when you do it turns in to an argument?


Self-belief – when you look in the mirror and think feel and say yes, I am enough and worthy – how often have you been self-critical?


Transformation – making the changes that you have always wanted to and start experiencing a step change in your life – ever thought about areas you want to change in how you feel?


Empowered – when you feel you have the power to make choices – ever felt like you are trapped and can’t make a change?


Relationships – this is one of the most challenging areas of our lives and when we can master our communication our relationship with ourselves and others can change dramatically – often we have similar challenges with different people – ever got divorced and experienced the same challenges in a 2nd marriage, or friendship or boss? Here we are talking about fundamentally breaking those patterns for good.


Your vision – this is about mapping out your vision for work and life exactly how you want it – ever done this before? If you don’t know where you are going how will you know when you get there?


Look out for my next blog when I will be going into more detail about Motivation, and what tools we can use to develop this skill.