1. Focus on something
Switch off the news and your phone and focus your attention on a task. Whether that’s reading, cleaning, having a clear out. Give it your full attention. We all have busy lives and often lack the time to get things done. Well now is a perfect time to get through that to do list! Think about how good it will feel to tick them all off and have it all done once things are back to normal (which they will be!)

2. Save your energy on what you can influence and not what you can’t!
Ask yourself “Can I do this?” If the answer is Yes then do it! If the answer is No then put it in a box and forget about it for now. Focus on the short term and take each day as it comes. Remember nothing stays the same for ever and this time will pass.

3. Support one another
Often it is easier to deal with challenges when we take the focus off how things are impacting us and instead provide support to another. Pick up the phone get on a video call and check in with your loved ones and work colleague and sharpen your listening skills

4.Use your sense of humour!
These are worrying times but let’s lighten the mood with some fun and laughter. Be playful, spend some time with the children, go in the garden, go for a walk (provided you keep your distance from others) and enjoy some things you don’t usually get the time to do!

5. Mediate or visualise 
Simply spending a couple of minutes a day connecting with our own breath can really help us to stay grounded and less anxious. Even more than that I really believe that meditation can help us all get through this, if we all channelled our focus towards healing. I wonder what may happen. Send out some warm healing wishes to the world. Support each other and be there for others as best you can, in any way you can.

Please continue to follow the Government advice and keep safe.

Wishing you and all your loved ones wellbeing through these difficult times.