Motivate your people through your leadership

Motivated people are what make a business. A team of happy, engaged employees will do wonders for your business, helping you progress and move forward. Many businesses understand that staff retention is important for saving money on recruitment bills. But it really is so much more than this.

You must remember that your employees are your best business ambassadors. They are the ones talking to your clients every day. They are the ones telling their friends and families how they actually feel about their role. They are the ones who form your public image. It’s important you learn how to keep your staff feeling upbeat and motivated, performing in their roles to the best of their abilities.

To help you, here are 4 top ways you can motivate your employees:

  1. Talk to employees openly and honestly. Communication is an essential ingredient of happy employment. Make sure your staff are adequately informed about developments within your business, as this will make them feel a valued member of the team. You should also talk to them on a personal level. Schedule in regular one-to-ones and don’t make them feel too formal or negative. This should be a platform for discussing anything that is on your employee’s mind, from a promotion to the latest football results! People want to feel like more than just a number, and this shows you care on a personal level. Be willing to listen carefully and take on board everything that is said.


  1. Have a good company culture. This will make your business a positive place to be and will give your employees a boost when they think about going into work day in, day out. Forming your company culture is all about showing people what your business believes in and what it is like as an organisation. Make sure your staff know they are a priority by offering them incentives, or being flexible about their working hours. This will go a long way towards instilling a positive company culture.


  1. Offer career progression. The kinds of people who want to progress in their careers are the kinds of people you want working for you. They will be dedicated, hardworking and energetic, putting their all into their work. Offer good opportunities for career progression to attract the right members of staff and to keep them motivated in their roles. Career progression is about much more than just a pay rise (although this does come into it too, as people should be paid what they are worth). It could be the chance to manage a team. It might be a new role within another department. Career progression will mean something different to every individual.


  1. Give praise. People who work for you want to know that you appreciate what they do. It’s important that everyone within an organisation feels their role is important and that they can make a difference to the business. When people have done a good job, make sure you tell them. Let them know you are happy with their performance during appraisals and one-to-ones as well, making it a positive experience. It only takes a few moments to say ‘well done’ to someone who works for you, and it might just make their day.