How to be an inspiring leader for your team

If you want to succeed in business, it’s important to have a team who respect you. Your employees need to feel that you are someone energetic and motivating, who they can rely on to lead them to bigger and better things. Gaining their respect is essential.

Inspiration might be a bit of a daunting word to think about. It suggests someone impressive, something big and important. Yet it’s not so difficult a concept to think about when you break it down into smaller chunks and really consider what it is that makes someone inspiring. Inspiration is about taking steps that will make someone feel happy, motivated and able to look up to you. What is it that will make your team feel inspired and really buy into your business?


5 ways to inspire your team


  1. Taking the time to listen.

Your employees will really respect the time you make for them. People who are truly inspirational remain receptive to new concepts and opinions. Talk to your employees on an individual basis and make it clear that you value what they have to say

2. Facing up to challenges with calm and dignity.

Running a business is almost certainly one of the hardest things you will ever do and there will inevitably be multiple challenges involved. When you are overcoming difficulties, your employees will notice how you react to them. Set an example – be firm and strong in your approach, but don’t let this spill over into anger. People will respect you for dealing with your challenges effectively.

3. Show passion about your industry.

A love for your area of business is essential if you want to inspire others. Talk about your business and bounce ideas off your employees, as your enthusiasm will begin to rub off on them. If you are feeling passionate and inspired, it will be easier to inspire others.

4. Focus on the tasks that will grow your business and ensure the wellbeing of your staff.

These are the main ingredients for a successful company and the people around you will be impressed by your skills and business acumen. This also sets a great example for your team, indicating to them how leadership and management should be handled.

5. Always stay willing to learn.

Keep on learning about your industry and pass on your knowledge to employees through ongoing training, workshops and general day to day management. They will enjoy being managed by someone who is so knowledgeable and who is happy to evolve to make the business more successful.