Power2Lead is an invitation to take a deep dive in to your inner world, the deeper consciousness, the wise you! This is where the true richness of your success, creativity, strength and power resides and when connected to, can truly unlock your potential and give you the power2lead your work and life just how you want it to be!

When was the last time you updated your thinking?

What if your perception shifted and started working for you in a more helpful way?

Until we tap in to our confidence, get curious by asking useful and important questions and take some courageous decisions with real compassion for ourselves how will we ever know?

If this is what you are looking for, we will be exploring how to get back to the free child we once were – Courageous, Curious and Compassionate, to enable a more blissful human life.  On this two-day program we will invite you to get curious about possibilities – are you up for it?!

Benefits of attending the Power2Lead Residential Program

The Power2Lead Residential Program is the best way to push the re-start button on your personal and professional development journey as a business owner or senior manager. Set in a luxurious, 5* hotel, you’ll have the space and relaxed atmosphere necessary to explore your personal and professional vision for the future, gain the courage and confidence to make the difficult decisions you have always wanted to and take the stress out of managing and leading your business.

The Power2Lead package includes one night’s stay at Rushton Hall, full use of their spa facilities and all meals and needs catered over the 2-day program.  We promise to progress you towards your desired vision and goals, both personally and professionally, using our unique tools and techniques.  The Power2Lead package will help you to gain clarity and unleash your authentic leader.