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Do you crave the freedom to focus on your business direction and growth? Are you caught up in operational detail? Do you need a team you trust, one that understands the bigger picture of success and profitability?

The solution? Create your very own ‘dream team’ with Power2Manage.

Power2Manage is a comprehensive modular management training that gets results. It’s about getting the very best from your people. It is based on decades of experience in human resources, research and practice within corporations and our understanding of how to create highly effective, happy teams.

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The Power2Manage modules will guide your management team through a robust learning process. We use established techniques such as 360° feedback and psychometric tools to aid development. The programme equips managers with the skills needed to effectively lead their staff and deliver their objectives, allowing you to focus on running the business. Benefits our clients see are:

  • Highly engaged, supportive and capable workforce
  • Happier staff; reduced sickness absence, fewer disciplinary cases, reduction in staff turnover
  • Self-aware managers, better able to lead their teams
  • Improved relationships, reduced conflict
  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Greater profits

We create management experts. Power2Manage is modular, so we tailor a programme that wholly meets the needs of your business. Example sessions include:

  • Role of a Manager; Action Centred Leadership; Identifying Personal Areas for Development
  • Time Management, Prioritisation & Delegation
  • Having a Difficult Conversation
  • Team Work & Working Effectively Together
  • Managing Performance, Goal Setting & Providing Feedback
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making
  • Managing Change
  • Recruitment & Interviewing


A Power2Manage programme consists of 6-12 half-day workshops spread over 3-6 months with up to 8 participants in each session. Specialist 1:1 coaching for participants can be included in the package. This helps embed learning and support growth for lasting change. Chartered Management Institute accreditation can also be incorporated as a flexible add on.

Power2Manage is delivered on or off-site.

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How to manage difficult people is a one day course that offers management coaching and practical solutions to improve communication and performance of your team.

It enables you to deal with the challenging people in your team and have effective conversations, helping team performance and enhanced team relationships.

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GrowthAccelerator is a government funded scheme for small to medium size enterprises that are serious about growing. Find out how you can access half price training and up to seven days worth of coaching.

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