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This page is the first step in de-cluttering your headspace. It’s your passport to clearer, better business decision-making and achieving results. Power2Lead will unblock your pathway to greater success and help you enjoy the journey.

  • Difficult to switch off?
  • Feel like you’re getting nowhere?
  • Busy, busy, busy?
  • Making hurried, rash decisions?
  • Experiencing conflict?
  • In a state of panic?
  • Struggling to manage change?

Leaders and managers, the world over, face the same issues. It’s all about balance. As business leaders, we can find it hard to maintain openness whilst simultaneously being internally directed. It can be difficult to remain people focussed and results driven.

This is why it is important to step back and take stock.



Power2Lead Group Coaching Programme

Great leaders invest in themselves and their development and as a result see remarkable growth in their businesses. Power2Lead Group Coaching offers you time out to unpack what’s really going on with you and your business while collaborating with like-minded professionals who are dedicated to doing the same.

Power2Lead Group Coaching draws on a range of proven methodologies and techniques being used in business for competitive advantage. The course is designed to enhance your performance and productivity. We use creative and thought-provoking activities and discussions to facilitate lasting change.

You will undergo professional and personal transformations during and after the course. You will leave Power2Lead Group Coaching with clarity, a tailored action plan and simple tools to make it happen. In addition, you will receive follow up 1:1 coaching sessions to help you embed the learning and action plan.


Power2Lead Group Coaching

Why should I consider group coaching?

Leading a business or team can be demanding and often quite lonely as you need to constantly be the best you can possibly be. Group coaching sessions give you the opportunity to talk to people at the same level as you with similar experiences. It also gives you much needed distance so you can effectively reflect on your situation.

We have three levels of group coaching available to help you obtain the right support for you. Whether you join Business Boost, Peak Performance or Corporate Champions, you’ll develop close professional relationships with the people in your group. You’ll grow as a group and a natural support network will evolve.

We’ve also added lots of other benefits of joining the group coaching programme, such as tailored seminars and training courses as well as access to our two day Power2Lead residential programme.

Discover the right group for you…





GrowthAccelerator is a government funded scheme for small to medium size enterprises that are serious about growing. Find out how you can access half price training and up to seven days worth of coaching.

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