Bespoke Training Programmes

With over 10 years’ experience delivering leadership and management level training to a wide variety of organisations we can create bespoke training programmes to meet the individual needs of any business.

Whether you are looking for us to design a one-off training session that addresses a particular challenge that your business is facing, or a more comprehensive training programme that will develop the knowledge and skills of your team, we can create the perfect solution.

The benefits of a bespoke training programme are:

  • The training is tailored to the needs of your business helping you to drive your business forward
  • Training activities are contextualised to your industry making the content more relevant for your employees
  • Training can be delivered at your premises reducing the time employees need to spend away from their normal work activities
  • Employees can take what they have learnt and put this into practice immediately meaning you see tangible results in a short period of time
  • You can help shape the training programme meaning you can ensure it reflects the aims and objectives of your business and helps you to achieve key performance indicators.

Open Training Courses

We understand that businesses do not always have the resources required for bespoke training programmes, therefore, throughout the year we offer a range of open courses aimed at developing individuals to enable them to grow into great leaders.

With our extensive training experience and knowledge of leadership and management roles we use a range of tools including Belbin, Hogan and Organisational Transactional Analysis to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to lead your organisation to success.

The benefits of attending an open training course are:

  • With a wide range of industries in the room delegates are able to benefit from the shared knowledge of those both within their own industry and from wider sectors
  • Open courses can be a more ‘cost effective’ option for smaller organisations who may not have a large enough team to justify an in-house training programme
  • All delegates have the opportunity to network with other businesses and build connections and potential future collaborations.

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