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Anjana Rajani is on a mission to help professionals – particularly business women and men to create an alignment between their inner fulfillment and outer results so they can feel grounded despite the demanding pressure of work and life.

She’s an inspiring international speaker and coach, a Non-Executive Director for the Chamber of Commerce, a volunteer counsellor for children and young adults, and a wife and mother.

It wasn’t always quite so straightforward though, and her story is one of triumph over adversity.

Coming from a strict Indian middle-class background didn’t prepare her for the turbulent teenage years where she, in her own words, “went off the rails a little, this developed her strength, her courage, and her practical approach to life, as she transformed her experiences into strengths and a powerful perspective essential in developing a successful business career and life.

Anjana’s “warts ‘n’ all” story is refreshingly honest, and her delivery is both powerful and humorous. She leaves her audiences with a sense of their own power and her practical toolkit encourages them to utilise their own inner resources to really show up as leaders, and despite the the waves that life presents stay grounded and powerful. Her speeches have an instant impact, are highly memorable, and create everlasting change in her audiences.

Anjana has delivered many key notes speeches, thousands of coaching, mentoring and training sessions, and helped hundreds of people to develop themselves, feel happier and not only be successful but feel successful.

Talk Topics

  • Meeting the Inner world head on
  • The courage to be the real you
  • Mastering self-mastery

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