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Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is considered to be a must-have tool for the development of leaders and managers in any business.  Executive coaching provides a uniquely challenging but supportive working partnership that benefits individuals and organisations by improving performance through developing skills, confidence and focus.

Whether you’re looking for professional or life development, our personal coaching experience is empowering, motivating and engaging. By working with you and recognising that you have the resources within, our highly personalised approach facilitates confidence and self-belief. This means you design your change and progress, to create tangible results.

The benefits of executive coaching include:

  • Gaining a greater level of self-awareness by learning to question what you thought you knew about yourself and identifying your strengths and areas for growth and development.
  • Being able to see others more clearly. Using the skills you have learnt in becoming more self-aware you will be able to recognise and support the capabilities of your team and address poor performance early.
  • Developing skills that will enable you to inspire and direct others including the ability to communicate effectively as a leader and having the power to delegate.
  • Building productive relationships using tools that will help you to acknowledge the assumptions you make that may prevent you from building relationships with a wide variety of individuals.
  • Setting and achieving your goals, dreams and vision for the future using new ways of thinking and operating new skills that will allow you to better reach these.

Group Coaching

With results-focused corporate and organisational development, our group coaching brings enhanced performance and engagement between team members. While facilitated in a shared environment, the delivery is also highly personalised. Sessions are high energy and focus on active involvement for action and change long after the return to the workplace.

In a group coaching environment individuals can benefit from peer-to-peer support and the ‘shared wisdom’ of the group creating a coaching experience that empowers individuals to set goals and create their vision with the support of others.

The benefits of group coaching include:

  • Learning in a group setting with peer-to-peer support will enable individuals to benefit from the insights of others as well as from their own reflections.
  • Breaking down cross-departmental barriers within an organisation by bringing together individuals from across an organisation to work together to drive the business forward.
  • Empowering groups of leaders to create a shared vision within an organisation whilst also developing individual skills and goals.

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