Fastrack your career, leverage your network and get what you want, despite feeling stuck watching others careers excel before yours! All of this whilst enjoying the perfect balance of work and time with loved ones.

Get ready to land your dream role, get focused and accelerate your career to new heights beyond what you could have ever imagined. Step up, get motivated and energised to go out there and get what you want!

Say goodbye to being stuck in an unfulfilling role, when secretly you know you can do more and hello to progress success and serious fulfilment

Whether you have been newly promoted and want to step up fast or land an internal or external promotion this is for you!

Anjana has a unique ability to understand you better than you understand yourself. She has a nurturing yet challenging style that enables you to naturally achieve things you thought impossible. She’s always supportive and has a wonderful energy. Her work helps you grow professionally and personally.

Rosie Burke

In this 8-week intensive program you will discover bullet proof strategies enabling your next promotion, develop formidable confidence and influencing skills, step up and be seen, despite the imposter syndrome (feeling undeserving or like a fraud) shadow lurking for years! 

Over the 8 weeks you will: –

  • Unblock the blocks to your success – Uncover in depth all the blocks that have held you back for so long and learn winning strategies to overcome imposter syndrome (the fear of being exposed as a fraud), reclaim your achievements whilst realising your career goals confidently and at speed, despite the “I’m not good enough” mantra.
  • Find your voice – Be seen as a key influencer challenging the status quo. Feeling heard and valued by all your stakeholders despite the constant regret of not speaking up in meetings.
  • Crack the confidence code Build rocking resilience to cope with whatever life throws at you, without the yoyo emotional rollercoaster. Rising to new heights of confidence, a new spring in your step of self-belief despite being a serial self-doubter.
  • Confront Conflict – Completely reframe your relationship with conflict and deal with challenging conversations and situations with ease and confidence, with a step by step process to deliver uncomfortable news without spending days, weeks or months thinking about it.
  • Operate more strategic – Make the shift from operational to a strategic thinker, seen as an inspirational leader and mentor by others. Delegate with ease and empower your team to deliver fantastic results, despite the challenge of letting go and keeping control.
  • Winning Mindset- 80% of our success is determined by our MINDSET. Rewiring and reset to a winning mindset. Release unwanted baggage that has held you captive for years to realise your dreams whilst delivering remarkable results.
  • Procrastination to action – Move towards your goals NOW! away from procrastination and perfection – no more waiting. Having us as your accountability partner will accelerate your progress with ample touchpoints in the week leaving no room to stand still and do nothing.
  • Leverage your network – Get frontline and be given the best project opportunities and promotion by learning to leverage your network ask for what you want. Land your next dream role, no more waiting to be seen and recognised!
  • Influence Powerfully – Learn exceptional communication techniques that get you leading with gravitas and inspire and engage others, have high impact presence that ripples through your organisation and team regardless of not having much exposure before.
  • Make your move – You will learn how to best present and market yourself, having more offers than ever before leaving you free to choose to your dream step up!

This program is not for everyone. It is only suitable for woman who are:

  • Already in leadership positions who want to take the next step
  • Truly committed to stepping up and smash the glass ceiling
  • Open to new ideas and trying them out consistently
  • Willing to show up, do the work and invest in themselves!

If that is you, then book a Discovery session now!

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Anjana provided excellent support and advice. Her support was delivered in a very calm and professional manner. The program helped me to develop an outstanding CV for me to show case my skills. Without her help and support I would not be able to feel so confident and comfortable during my job interviews. Thanks to Anjana I have learnt what is important in taking the next step up, which helped me to find my current role. Nothing was too much for Anjana and she always found time if I needed her advice. Anjana is a natural people person who is both aware of her own influence and how she can assist others, during our regular sessions I saw her passion for work and willingness to help others.

Agnieszka Kowalczewska