Get ready to bin overthinking and settle in to peak performance! As you get comfortable dealing with the toughest people challenges and show up as your best self, despite the paralysis analysis that has you stuck.

Accelerate your team’s performance to new heights beyond what you could have ever imagined.  Step up, get motivated, and reclaim your optimum energy. Get set to win in all areas of your life, leaving your sleepless nights behind in the long-lost distant past.

On this 6-month journey you will discover how to tap into your zone of peak potential, deliver breakthrough business result without overwhelm, over thinking, stress or of frustration.

You will show up as your best self, bouncing off the walls with new found energy from taking action whilst enjoying free time with your loved ones.

Move over imposter syndrome (feeling a fraud get found out), here I come! 

You will get comfortable with conflict, whatever the challenge, despite the emotional rollercoaster ride that has you yoyo-ing up and down and around and around.

Hold on tight for the ride of your life – Get ready to get focused on getting your business and life in great shape, spring in to action, get motivated and re-energised.

Say goodbye to a lifetime of frustration, overthinking and people challenges and hello to taking action making progress and serious fulfilment!

Whether you are a newly promoted senior leader or business owner (MD CEO VP Head of) or have been in the role for a while. You are ready to learn winning performance strategies whilst breaking free from the burn out cycle, then this is definitely for you!

Anjana has led me to make really positive life choice and changes. She is inspirational in her approach in unlocking your potential. The senior management coaching and the Power2lead programs are great for you and your teams in developing personally and professionally and getting most out of your people for your business. Over the years I have done many management and executive courses within business and I would by far recommend Power2Lead as one of the best. I would not hesitate in recommending Anjana of Power2Progress

Christian Hampshire

Not the normal formal leadership training I have previously encountered……. But isn’t that Amazing!! Who wants to be normal???? After all we are called individuals for a reason

Ryan Watson

Over the 6-month program: –

  • Unblock the blocks to your vision – Uncover in depth all the blocks that have held you back for so long and learn winning strategies to overcome imposter syndrome and fear to get you in to action and momentum and move towards your business results and life vision at speed despite the “I am not good enough” mantra.
  • Get more done in less time – Move away from procrastination and get in to action. You will learn how to get in to action and strategies that slow you down to get more done and FASTER. No more sitting around worrying in non-action. Having us as your accountability partner will accelerate your progress with ample touchpoints leaving no room to stand still and do nothing.
  • Confront Conflict – Completely reframe your relationship with conflict and deal with challenging conversations and situations with ease and confidence, with a step by step process to deliver uncomfortable news without spending days, weeks, or months or even years thinking about it.
  • Develop your winning mindset – 80% of our success is determined by our MINDSET. We will work on rewiring and resetting to a winning mindset. Release unwanted baggage that has held you captive for years and step into formidable courage, confidence and conviction leaving you excited to realise your dreams not even despite fear.
  • Transform your relationships – When internal intelligence is accessed consistently you will not only start to realise fantastic business results you will in witness a reduction of irritation impatience and reaction to external events, enabling you to become calm even in the most stressful situations. Transforming not only your relationship with yourself but all your loved ones and business ones too, and sleep like you never have before!
  • Tap in to your untapped potential – Research suggest we only access 10%, of our potential, and on this journey, you will learn techniques to tap in to the other 90% using tried and tested winning strategies to align to your internal intelligence, without trying so hard and overthinking.
  • Powerful Listening & communication – Exceptional communication techniques that get you leading with gravitas, inspiring, and engaging your team, unforgettable impact presence that sends ripples through your organisation and team.
  • Align to your authentic leader – confident to step into your own authentic leadership style and create a winning high-performance culture. Connect to your Why, who what and how you wish to serve and create.
  • Sharing Leadership – Cascade leadership, share the load, develop and delegate making your team accountable, despite the fear of letting go, witnessing your results reach new heights and And …..leave your legacy!

This program is not for everyone.

It is only suitable for Senior Leaders and managers who are:

  • Truly committed to ongoing personal development
  • Open, self-aware, and willing to receive honest feedback
  • Willing to try out unconventional ideas consistently
  • Willing to show up, do the work and invest in themselves!

If that is you, then book a Breakthrough session now!

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When this course was suggested to me and I read the above intro’, I have to be honest it all sounded a little ‘flossy’ to me (I was skeptical to say the least). Writing this review almost a year on I can say hands down this has been one of the most influential courses not just in my career but as part of my life journey. My perspectives and expectations have shifted (of myself and others). This very short 2 day residential coupled with some 1 on 1 sessions with Anjana has genuinely challenged me in ways I never expected and I whole heartedly believe I have a much clearer view on myself and the world around me – personally and professionally.

Scott Howden