We are currently facing the worst pandemic in history causing high stress and huge overwhelm. The next pandemic is likely to be mental health. Not only will leaders need to raise their game in emotional intelligence (link to power2lead) staff will need support to build their resilience to deal with their own mental wellbeing

Power2Grow is for those organisations that want to support their staff with life strategies/skills that will help develop self-management strategies to stay on top of their own mental wellbeing, making it easier for leaders to manage their teams and reducing team and individual challenges.

Life is a challenging enough and mastering life is not about controlling our external world as we have seen with the latest pandemic, instead it is about developing our internal resilience and resources to respond effectively to deal with whatever challenges life throws our way.

This course aims to equip your team with all the life skills they need to be their best at work and live a meaningful and purposeful life that brings joy, peace, contentment. A win win for the organisation and the individual producing higher engagement and performance and making it a an even greater place to work!

The program is full of tools and techniques that will help your team to build resilience, self-awareness, rocking listening, communicate and assertive skills equipping them to deal with any team challenge effectively.

This program will give your team the step by step game plan to show up as their best self, deal with emotional challenges effectively and help the organisation to prevent and reduce mental health issues.

Get ready to bin overthinking, worrying, and feeling frustrated and settle in to peak performance! As your team gets comfortable in their new-found rocking self-confidence and show up resourceful and responsibility, despite the paralysis analysis that used to have them stuck.

Accelerate your team’s performance to new heights beyond what you could have ever imagined.  Watch them step up, get motivated, and reclaim their optimum energy, as they get set to win in all areas of their life, leaving conflict and demotivation behind in the long-lost distant past.

We realise every business is difference. You can either have you team attend on a two-day intensive program or over 6 weeks in bitesize chunks with the option of online or offline to fit in to your operational needs.

Whether you are responsible for the organisations training and development plans or you are manager, senior manager, VP or MD responsible for a team and want to support your team to be their best, eradicate conflict, support wellbeing and raise performance then this is for you.

I have found that Anjana has an appealing and engaging coaching style that gets you to face up to the real issues in a really positive way!

Over the course of the program your team will: –

Discover how to tap into their zone of peak potential, deliver, take on more responsible without overwhelm, over thinking, stress, or frustration. With new heights of cracking confidence, rocking resilience!

They will show up as their best self, with new found self-belief and high motivation, get in to action whilst enjoying forging trusting relationships with their fellow colleagues.

  • Build Resilience and Self-Management – Build rocking resilience to cope with whatever life throws at you, without the yoyo emotional rollercoaster. Rising to new heights of confidence, a new spring in your step of self-belief despite being a serial self-doubter.
  • Crack the confidence code – Uncover in depth all the blocks that have held you back for so long and reclaim self-esteem and confidence, release ongoing repeated self-sabotaging unhelpful habits that have you stuck, despite the “I’m not good enough” mantra.
  • Communicate Effectively and Build Trust – Communicate powerfully and building trusting team relationships, not only relating to yourself better but others too and be able to communicate effectively with anyone at any level, despite being stuck in fear of speaking up or not coming across well enough before.
  • Confront Conflict – Completely reframe your relationship with conflict and deal with challenging conversations and situations with ease and confidence and assertively. Learn a step by step process to deliver uncomfortable news without affecting the team harmony and spending days, weeks or months thinking about it.
  • The Winning Mindset – 80% of our success is determined by our MINDSET. Rewire and reset to a winning mindset. Release unwanted baggage that has held you captive for years to realise your best self-whilst taking your career to the next level with more responsibility.
  • Procrastination to action – Get things done NOW! Move away from procrastination and perfection – no more waiting. Learn techniques that accelerate progress, despite the constant struggle of never having enough time and juggling priorities.

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I have found the course material and Anjana’s presentation skills to be second to none! Anjana’s is such an interesting person, I found her courses to be so insightful. I felt like a sponge soaking up every inch of information presented. So, it’s a six out of six-star recommendation from me!