Whether you are a manager, senior manager, VP or MD and have been thinking about starting a business for years or only just realised this is for you.

On this 8-week intensive program you will discover how to tap into your zone of genius so you can build your business from scratch and ensure success even if you don’t know the first thing about entrepreneurship. 

You will learn how to build a thriving business replace your income, earn what you want without having to stay stuck working for someone else’s dream, whilst, having the perfect balance of work and spending time with loved ones.

Gain freedom, fulfilment and align to your purpose, with a winning strategy, even if work you have struggled with finding this for years.

Get ready to get focused on getting your business started, spring in to action get motivated and energised.

Say goodbye to a lifetime of lethargy and procrastination and hello to progress success and serious fulfilment!

“The course enabled me to see just how I had been verbally beating myself up and questioned everything I did. Anjana’s empathy, understanding and course helped me to leave my job and start  my dream business.  I am now empowered; I enjoy challenges, Anjana came into my life and as a result, I have changed it, enhanced it, and rediscovered ‘me’….I feel blessed and thankful, I only wish I signed up earlier.”

Amanda Baker, Endeavour Consulting

Over the 8 weeks you will: –

  • Unblock the blocks to your vision – You will uncover in depth all the blocks that have held you back for so long and learn winning strategies to overcome imposter syndrome and fear to get you in to action and momentum and move towards your vision at speed.
  • Create your dream business vision (and life) – You will get super clear on your business vision and your gift(s) to offer to the world. Connect to your Why, who what and how you wish to serve.
  • Get more done in less time – Move away from procrastination and get in to action. Learn the secret strategies that slow you down to get more done and FASTER. Having me as your accountability partner will accelerate your progress with ample touchpoints in the week leaving no room to stand still and do nothing.
  • Develop your winning mindset – 80% of our success is determined by our MINDSET. We will work on rewiring and resetting to a winning mindset. Release unwanted baggage that has held you captive for years and step into formidable courage, confidence, conviction get excited to realise your dreams, despite the fear that holds you back.
  • Tap in to your untapped potential – Research suggest we only access 10%, of our potential, learn the process to tap in to the other 90% using tried and tested winning strategies to align to your internal intelligence, without trying so hard.
  • Emotional Balance & Calm – You will learn how to reduce of irritation impatience and reaction to external events, enabling calm, stress free and emotionally balanced. Transforming not only your relationship with yourself but all your loved ones too!
  • Your powerful plan – You will get clear on your pricing strategy, your income goals, the best marketing strategy to attract your clients and develop a clear actionable plan that is simple to keep you on track
  • Call in your clients – Identify your clients, your niche and develop your perfect pitch. You will learn how to leverage your network and gain the confidence to sell your services and then START serving your CLIENTS confidently Make the break and start you purpose led dream business!


This program is not for everyone. It is only suitable for woman who are:

  • Truly committed to going for their dream business
  • Open to new ideas and trying them out consistently
  • Willing to show up, do the work and invest in themselves!

If that is you, then book a Breakthrough session now!

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“Anjana has given me the clarity, focus, and support to recover my creativity, try on new ideas, and to have the safety to be a beginner again. I know myself and my new Business, Workfellow, are in reliable and trusted hands with Anjana.  You will never regret taking the next step!”

Ami Pendergrass, Workfellow