• To successfully bring about change, reflection is a good place to start.... where you want to be, where you are currently and where the gaps are.  We invite you to do just that on our two-day residential course.  Designed with a combination of group coaching, training and development you'll leave with practical tools and techniques, clarity and a fresh perspective to empower you to lead more effectively. The Power2Lead Residential programme is the best way to start your personal and professional development journey as a senior leader.  You'll be able to:
    • explore your personal and professional vision for the future
    • transition from managing to leading your business or department
    • learn new leadership skills, techniques and perspectives
    • increase personal awareness and reduce blind spots
    • develop your confidence and ability to deal with conflict and lead authentically
    • learn advanced communication skills to effectively develop your team and successfully influence others
    • discuss business and leadership issues in a safe space with like-minded senior professionals
    • gain new insight into how to achieve your goals effortlessly
    • open up clarity and focus on your decisions
    • learn techniques to help you obtain peace of mind and stay present
    • ultimately, increase your profits and grow your business
    • most importantly.... take action!
    We promise to progress you towards your desired vision and goals, both personally and professionally, using our unique tools and techniques.
  • In this Managing Difficult People workshop we will explore the following:
    • Techniques for managing difficult people successfully
    • How to have difficult conversations confidently
    • Practical solutions to improve communication and performance
  • The ability to engage and connect in a way that is authentic is becoming one of the most important skills in leadership. Leadership has everything to do with how we relate to others and the quality of those relationships.  One of the most important - and most misunderstood - of leadership skills is making an emotional connection.  It's about making a human connection - one person to another. Not for the faint-hearted, this session will get you on your feet and have you experiencing true human connection, authenticity and vulnerability.