• Power2Lead is an invitation to take a deep dive in to your inner world, the deeper consciousness, the wise you! This is where the true richness of your success, creativity, strength and power resides and when connected to, can truly unlock your potential and give you the power2lead your work and life just how you want it to be! When was the last time you updated your thinking? What if your perception shifted and started working for you in a more helpful way? Until we tap in to our confidence, get curious by asking useful and important questions and take some courageous decisions with real compassion for ourselves how will we ever know? If this is what you are looking for, we will be exploring how to get back to the free child we once were - Courageous, Curious and Compassionate, to enable a more blissful human life.  On this two-day program we will invite you to get curious about possibilities - are you up for it?!

    Benefits of attending the Power2Lead Residential Program

    The Power2Lead Residential Program is the best way to push the re-start button on your personal and professional development journey as a business owner or senior manager. Set in a luxurious, 5* hotel, you’ll have the space and relaxed atmosphere necessary to explore your personal and professional vision for the future, gain the courage and confidence to make the difficult decisions you have always wanted to and take the stress out of managing and leading your business. The Power2Lead package includes one night’s stay at Rushton Hall, full use of their spa facilities and all meals and needs catered over the 2-day program.  We promise to progress you towards your desired vision and goals, both personally and professionally, using our unique tools and techniques.  The Power2Lead package will help you to gain clarity and unleash your authentic leader.
  • In this Managing Difficult People workshop we will explore the following:
    • Techniques for managing difficult people successfully
    • How to have difficult conversations confidently
    • Practical solutions to improve communication and performance
  • The HR Forum meets quarterly and is a great place for employed HR Professionals to meet and discuss current issues impacting the HR sector. Each meeting includes the opportunity for HR Professionals to learn from other experts within their field about subjects including: - Mental Health in the Workplace - Managing Disability - Legislation - Recruitment and the relevance of business branding - What's on the Horizon within HR
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    A coaching group that gives women leaders the power2be seen

    This highly effective personal development group coaching is suitable for women who are ready to step into their power as confident, influential leaders.  Whether you are in a corporate leadership role wanting to climb the ladder or a business owner wanting to grow, this programme promises to help you work through challenges, reset your thinking, and learn breakthrough strategies to make you feel more content and happier. The results:
    • You dial up your authenticity impact and potency
    • Feel more influential in all areas of your life.
    • Positively build your career or business
    • Create impactful relationships with yourself and others in your work/life
    • Love who you are in the process!
    It aims to bring the feeling of success in line with being successful within a safe judgement-free space of like-minded female leaders. This is for you if:
    • You are new in your leadership role or wanting your next promotion and need additional tools to lead authentically
    • You want to raise your communication skills to improve relationships personally or professionally
    • You want to be able to speak up and confront difficult situations and conversations and create better relationships
    • You struggle to balance the many roles you play
    • You would like to climb the corporate ladder and are struggling to be seen as the right “fit” or promote yourself
    • Your fear sometimes cripples you and stops you from getting things done
    • You are ambitious and have a vision you would like to manifest yet you get in your own way
    • A successful career woman that either feels a fraud or doesn’t feel good enough
    This is an invitation to really do some amazing, life changing personal development work that will significantly impact your leadership both at home, as well as work, and will, for sure, unlock the potential in you for your next challenge. Come and have a taste of this regular Power2Succeed women’s coaching group and experience a powerful shift towards congruence and inner success. Unlocking your potential to really show up and be seen. Are you ready to be the powerful you? The group will meet once a month face-to-face in small groups of no more than 6-8 with an online support group and email and phone support in between sessions. In house, bespoke coaching groups are available – please get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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    The 3 Cs of Leadership

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    Courage to be you

    The success of leadership lies behind the behaviours we demonstrate. The 3 Cs gives you an effective framework to successfully lead yourself and any team in any situation. These relate to our natural human qualities that we are born with and when maximised can impact our creative ability, interpersonal relationships and our ability to lead engage and impact performance positively. In this interactive workshop we will explore and experience the power of the three Cs - Courage, Compassion & Curiosity. You will leave the session with some practical ways of implementing these behaviours in to your everyday leadership sparking your creativity and boosting yours and your team’s productivity!