As pressures of life keep rising, our own expectations of immediacy and material wealth, we find ourselves work longer hours for more material gain, we seem to lose ourselves exhausted and completely burnout.

We spend time all our time either future-izing or past-eurizing and whilst we are busy doing that we miss the most precious moment RIGHT NOW…….have we all gone bonkers?

I attended Anjana’s talk which was engaging and insightful. It was a great session and I look forward to attending more of Anjana’s talks and workshops in the future!

Hollie Habgood

In this entertaining and engaging talk you will leave knowing:

  • The step by step game plan to take you from burn out to balance and bliss get yourself back to your best self despite being on the exhausting never stopping treadmill.
  • Key strategies effective leaders use to slow down to speed up and overcome stress and anxiety and not only to survive but thrive in health and wealth.
  • How to rebuild your energy, resilience and gravitas despite being stuck in burnout for what seems like a lifetime!
Anjana Rajani
Anjana Rajani
Anjana Rajani the founder and managing director of Power2Progress, is a highly personable and inspiring International Coach Speaker and Trainer.
Non-Executive director for the Chamber of Commerce, volunteer children and young people’s counsellor, businesswoman, mother, and wife.

Her story is one of sadness and triumph. Her strength and courage have been commendable. Developing not only a successful career but more importantly developing the inner feeling of success and knowing of “I am enough” something so many of us struggle with.

Bringing inner and outer success into alignment for so many leaders. From being a troubled teenager with not a lot going for her to a successfully balanced courageous confident career woman, wife, and mother.

She specialises in personal development for leaders and talks authentically about leadership skills for life. She believes adversity brings opportunity and has a refreshingly genuine, authentic yet energising and humorous way of engaging with her audience.

Through a spirit of connection leaves people feeling energised and even more permission to be themselves, creating an instant shift in perspective, which opens awareness and gets people taking courageous action immediately.

Anjana’s unique approach to leadership and progress is based on factoring in personal experiences warts and all and really being seen as a leader. By acknowledging that we as human beings are imperfect and have emotional drivers that need to be acknowledged. Anjana helps leaders to move forward and connect with their own inner resources, power and to really show up as Leaders. Bringing about higher levels of contentment and therefore performance and more joy to their work and lives. Moving away from Burn out and towards more BLISS!

She has a solid and credible background in delivering practical and highly engaging coaching, training and keynote speeches that leave a long-lasting shift and a real felt experience.

Anjana has delivered many key notes speeches, thousands of coaching, mentoring, and training sessions and helped hundreds of people to develop themselves, feel happier and not only be successful but feel successful.