2104, 2016

Is structure important?

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I don’t like structure? What about you? Do you like to go with the flow or are you only comfortable if you plan everything you do? So for me planning and structure stilts my creativity. I love to go with the flow and always told myself that rather than structure, I love: Last minute. Spontaneity. Changing plans. Making plans as [...]

2104, 2016

Why is vulnerability important in leadership?

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How do you view vulnerability – as a strength or a weakness? Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable as a leader? Is it appropriate? The other day I was watching a video interview of Dr Brene Brown, one of my favourite speakers. She is a researcher and has done a lot of work on shame and vulnerability. She describes [...]

2104, 2016

Bang there goes presence…

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I recently had a head-on car collision in my brand new Mercedes with my two children in the back…thankfully there were no injuries. The car did a great job in protecting us and keeping us safe…unfortunately I can’t say the same about the car – it is in pretty bad shape. While my sons moved from the surprise of the [...]

2104, 2016

Responsibility – Honour or chore

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Is it only me that has generally perceived responsibility as synonymous with chore? I was recently challenged to consider responsibility as an honour…here’s the journey I went on with this idea. On my way home from a fabulous (business) trip to Brazil, I was faced with returning to my usual life burdened with all of my responsibilities of being a [...]

3003, 2016

Dynamo’s mind blowing journey: inspiration to achieve our goals!

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My boys love the magician Dynamo so on Easter Sunday we had a family outing to see him live. It was an amazing day. Our minds were quite simply blown…and it wasn’t just his magic that was mind blowing – just listening to his story was so inspiring! I was keen to know more about this guy and what motivated [...]

2001, 2016

Let’s beat the January blues!

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Researchers have coined the third Monday of January as Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year. They have attributed this to a mixture of the grey, cold weather, a lack of funds with being paid early for Christmas making January pay day feel very, very far away, so some of us may end up with post-Christmas debt [...]

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