1809, 2017

Creating true partnerships

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Long term, reliable and fruitful business comes from trusted partnerships and building relationships with clients. Unfortunately, most business people focus more on the service or product, when in reality cultivating the relationship is vital to success.   There are 3 ways to create and maintain long lasting partnerships: Build trust Share solutions Be authentic   Build trust If you think [...]

809, 2017

Building trust, building business

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Trust is a two-way street. And it can lead to great things in business. A successful business relationship is built on trust and will develop over time, benefiting both sides. There are three main areas you should work on to help develop your relationships and strengthen the partnership you have with your clients: Credibility Reliability Intimacy   Addressing these three [...]

908, 2017

How being assertive can change your working world

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In today’s busy working world, knowing the difference between how to say ‘no’ assertively and aggressively (or passive aggressively) can make all the difference.   We’ve all experienced aggressive, overpowering types – and we know what it’s like to feel pushed to the edge, to the point where you momentarily become angry or frustrated.   Likewise, sitting passively by, letting [...]

707, 2017

The difficulties with managing difficult people

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For most of us, managing people is the most difficult part of our working lives. And managing difficult people is even more difficult! So, where to start?   Usually, tackling a problem by breaking it down into smaller chunks helps. In the case of managing difficult people, starting with a conversation can go a long way to improving a working [...]

505, 2017

How to successfully lead change in the workplace

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Leading change is a blessing in disguise. While it can seem like a difficult and consuming job, it can also be a great opportunity to make your mark and create something special. And it can help you to develop and grow the potential of the business and your role.   Gone are the days of leaders who enforce their views. [...]

1804, 2017

How to effectively manage change in the workplace

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It can seem easier to resist or ignore change. And if you are a leader or business owner, it can be tempting to just hope that your people come on board.   The reality is: if you don’t manage or deal with change, you’ll have all sorts of problems. So your ability to understand your staff’s views and needs, and [...]

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