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About Power2Progress

Led by Anjana Rajani Power2Progress taps in to your potential to help you deliver the results that you want.

Delivering energising coaching and training for personal and commercial success, Power2Progress is designed around you to deliver your kind of success, whatever that may be.

Power2Progress has helped a number of clients including the University of Northampton, Panasonic, Burtons and Miele to name but a few, to get switched on and experience a powerful way to achieve results they never imagined possible. 

Using a range of techniques including, the Grow approach, GOALS, Hogan psychometrics, visualisation and 360 feedback, allows emotional and pragmatic support to all clients. 

Anjana leads Power2Progress in a holistic approach focusing on you as a whole not just as a business. A personal and professional coach or some might say a “mind” coach.

About Anjana

Anjana Rajani is on a mission to help professionals – particularly business women and men to create an alignment between their inner fulfilment and outer results so they can feel grounded despite the demanding pressure of work and life.

She’s an inspiring international speaker and coach, a Non-Executive Director for the Chamber of Commerce, a volunteer counsellor for children and young adults, and a wife and mother.

Bringing over 20 years of HR experience together with her drive for something more Anjana always knew she would be an entrepreneur. Her passion for working with people and wanting to make a difference sparked an idea to give others the insight to look after the inner world so the outside world takes care of itself. 

Her own personal development journey began with her coaching qualification, knowing how powerful coaching can be and what a difference it could make to others lives, she knew  this was the direction she wanted to go. 

Power2Progress was born and Anjana has now delivered thousands of hours of coaching, mentoring and training and helped hundreds of people to further themselves to achieve their desired results. As well as inspiring others at speaking events. 

Anjana’s unique approach to progress is based on Self Mastery, if we can master our mind we can move forward and find that power within.

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