So now that we have the lock down measure coming back down on us like a ton of bricks how do we keep our spirits up? Just when we thought or at least hoped things were going to settle in to some sort of new normal it then felt like the rug had been pulled out from underneath us don’t you think?

I, like you, like many of us struggle to keep my spirits up, lock down and uncertainty coupled with the winter months can make us feel like we just want to withdraw hibernate and wake up again when it is all over and the sun is shining again – if only it worked like that right?

There are moments when the doom and gloom can get us feeling really low. Just the other day I was talking to one of my clients a family business owner that was really low because of just this, found herself making mistakes and procrastinating over important decisions.

So here are my practical tips of how to keep ones spirits up and keep going despite the challenges we face:


  1. Instil a daily routine: Create a morning and evening routine that includes something for you. Exercise meditation just sitting with a cup of coffee and reflecting on the day ahead and your intentions can be a really awesome start to the day


  1. Don’t wait to be motivate – Action leads to motivation not the other way around if you are waiting to be motivated to act you may well be waiting for a very long time. I mean let’s face it who wants to get on a treadmill and run its only after you have got off the treadmill you feel great right?


  1. Make your to do list realistic – I know I am really guilty of making my to do list long than my arm and then feeling really bad about myself when I have only got the 1st or 2nd item ticked off – there is nothing more soul destroying. Make it realistic and I would suggest no more than 3 items (and if they are big items break them down in to smaller sizeable chunks and then add to you realistic to do’s and don’t forget to include personal stuff too – we do have lives to live as well as work)


  1. Bring some joy in to your day – find something to consciously smile whether that’s listening to an awesome tune that makes your heart sing or a chat with a friend, a walk in the park, playing with the children or the dog.


  1. Acknowledge your achievements – we are too quick to get something done tick it off and move on to the next thing – big take some time to reflect on what you are really proud of today and however small or big review your to do list and take glory what you have achieved, giving yourself a pat on the back!


  1. Support others and ask for support – we love to help each other that is how we are built and sometimes working on our own stuff just doesn’t cut it as much as the glory and joy we can experience in helping others, whether that’s in the community, or just having a chat and listening to someone or dropping some cookies off to a neighbour. Others also like to help us so ask for what you need from others – what’s the worst that can happen?


  1. Switch off from work – Make sure you have some me time to shut the day down – switch off from work at a set time and close the laptop and the office door. You will be much better for it the next day and feel so much more productive.

And if you really want a duvet day then take it – give yourself permission to take some rest completely judgment free – sometimes we all need a break even when we aren’t going away on holiday – more now than ever!