Long term, reliable and fruitful business comes from trusted partnerships and building relationships with clients. Unfortunately, most business people focus more on the service or product, when in reality cultivating the relationship is vital to success.


There are 3 ways to create and maintain long lasting partnerships:

    1. Build trust
    2. Share solutions
    3. Be authentic


Build trust

If you think you have a close, trustworthy relationship with your clients, consider how well you offer them generous service, a truthful response at all times and common ground.


Without these elements, trust is difficult. And sometimes businesses think there is more trust than is actually experienced by the client, so it’s important to take a step back and review how consistently this is delivered.


Share solutions

Often, it’s tempting to make suggestions and offer advice before knowing the whole story. The best solutions come from seeing the full picture and providing choices, along with a recommendation after knowing more detail.


It’s important to think more like a coach than a business advisor, and help clients make their own decisions and choices. This is great for empowerment and for being seen as a trusted guide through the process.


Be authentic

Just like a personal relationship, a business relationship is a two-way street. This means getting to know your client, spending time understanding them and being true and honest – always.


And just like a personal relationship, telling a client what you think they want to hear can be disastrous. Being authentically you, true and transparent is the only way to build trust and create a true partnership.