Is it only me that has generally perceived responsibility as synonymous with chore? I was recently challenged to consider responsibility as an honour…here’s the journey I went on with this idea.

On my way home from a fabulous (business) trip to Brazil, I was faced with returning to my usual life burdened with all of my responsibilities of being a parent, business owner, homemaker and spouse.

I felt heavy and weighed down…and then something amazing happened…my mentor challenged my view of responsibility – a definition I have been carrying for more years than I can remember!

We had a discussion around perceptions of responsibility and she suggested she saw responsibility as a real honour – even a privilege – to be in a position to take responsibility for others.

Quite simply, I was baffled, confused and amazed all at the same. I had never seen responsibility in this light.

My definition saw it as a burden, something adults had to do, boring, mundane and hard work. Can you feel the pressure of the weight I was carrying on my shoulders? Does this resonate with you?

Who would want to do any task that carries so much weight? When I changed my thinking and considered it an honour, suddenly there was lightness to it…suddenly it had a great appeal to it!

How can responsibility be an honour?

I’m sure you’ve heard me quote this before; the late Wayne Dyer’s quote feels very apt here:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

So I asked myself how could I perceive my responsibilities as an honour? I first analysed what I felt the term honour really meant in this context.

What a gift that conversation was. Since then I have not seen responsibility as a heavy burden and instead see it as a real privilege (although at times it has been a challenge)  to be given the responsibility and the trust to do these things for my family and my clients.

Whether your responsibilities are for managing and leading a team or cooking for your family, how you view this will have a result on your energy and motivation for delivering it. How do you view your responsibilities? An honour or a burden – which do you choose?

I choose honour. What a privilege to be a mother, a leader, a wife and a homemaker – I say thank you to all of them.

Responsibility for me is now truly a gift and I am grateful for the joy it brings.