What does ‘perfection’ mean to you? I invite you to reflect for a second.

What do you want to achieve – In your home life, in your personal life? What is the end goal?

Imagine you are in your office. You have just been told that if you can create the perfect result, whatever that may be, you will be promoted. So you create the best result you possibly can. You work the hardest you’ve ever worked. You finish it and think to yourself: “Yep, that is perfect.”

You walk into your boss’ office. They take one look at it and say: “Nope. I don’t like it.” You are shocked!

The first question following this response is “Well, why?”

The simple answer is that every single person has a different perspective. What each of us likes and dislikes is different. What we want or don’t want is different. Our idea of perfection is different and therefore it’s difficult to define what perfection is.

Why? In my opinion – perfection DOESN’T EXIST.

How can it? No two people’s idea of perfection is the same. What if perfection is just the ego’s way of affirming itself? You know that story, the “it’s not good enough” story. Is it the ego’s way of adopting the idea of being in competition with the world? That means that we are constantly striving for the ultimate goal … so focussed on getting there that we may not take the time to enjoy the journey.

And when we get there do you pause? Or are you straight on to the next target or the “next step”? Perfection is constantly moving further and further away because we often forget to acknowledge the achievement that got us one step closer to it. It is constantly changing and moving and can therefore at times feel unachievable. So what would be the point of trying to achieve perfection if we’re not appreciating how we are getting there?!

Where did we get this idea of perfection from, anyway? Magazines? The media? Something way back in our childhood? Perfection isn’t a concrete substance, it’s an abstract concept, so are we basing our idea of perfection on just a gut feeling?

Why, then, is it so important to us? If we don’t know what it is, then why are we trying so hard to get to it?

Perfection all boils down to you. Other people can’t define it for you; your idea of perfection is yours alone. What we see as ‘perfection’ is all rooted in our preconceived ideas of self. Becoming aware of ourselves and who we truly are leads to self-acceptance, and by accepting our true selves, maybe our idea of perfection changes. Perhaps it becomes easier and perhaps then it doesn’t seem so far away after all.

See this as an invitation to challenge those preconceived ideas of being ‘perfect’. By reconditioning yourself, you might begin to see a real change in yourself and might discover that you are already perfect.