Recently I went on a 3 week holiday to India and Thailand to relax – but unexpected events actually tested my stress levels!

To set the scene, my husband and I were in the middle of a property transaction which hadn’t been completed. We were waiting for certain checks to come through while both working extremely hard to manage business meetings, two children and general household commitments – the holiday couldn’t have come at a busier time!

Despite how busy we were to change our tickets would’ve meant paying twice as much again!

Best laid plans and all that! We spent the first 3 days of our holiday trying to complete and get the guarantees in place – in the middle of all this my husband’s emails went down and he was unable to make any calls.

After 3 days we hadn’t managed to get any further forward and just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, we received a call from the UK to say our house had been burgled!

They had ripped the safe out by removing part of our wall and radiator, stealing all of my gold jewellery and my husband’s brand new AMG Mercedes – by the way this is all true!

This happened on the day before we were flying to Thailand – our first holiday without the kids in years involved overcoming a crisis!

How did we cope with our stress?

Deep breaths to get grounded: After the initial shock and disbelief, it was important for us to take a minute and breathe. It’s one of the greatest stress relievers, and it costs nothing to make you feel better! Yet we all too often forget right?

Avoid procrastination: We teamed up and cancelled all our credit cards and bank cards, while phoning our car and house insurance.

Use your support network: We contacted family and friends to sort the house out as best they could, such as tidying up and changing the locks.

Less remorse, more action: Although easier said than done we quickly figured out there was no point in worrying! Worry only causes more stress so to keep focussed we set an action plan and followed it through.

Stay in the moment: Being in the moment as much as possible is a key stress relief technique. We spend time thinking about what has gone wrong or what will go wrong, yet all we have to hang our hats on is the NOW! We can only plan for the future and learn from the past – the moment was all we had so we tried to enjoy the rest of the day and had a wonderful dinner with family.

Listen to others wisdom: Our loved ones supported us and gave us words of wisdom which we embraced and helped us feel better about the situation.

Appreciate what you have: We felt so very grateful for all the help and the fact we still had each other. Material things will come and go – I was just so grateful that none of us were in the house!

Stress can have a silver lining

We still have each other and really that’s all that matters to me. I believe that everything happens for a reason because if we had no downs, how would we experience the ups?

We will certainly take security more seriously in future and I will always have the memories of my mother’s jewellery regardless.

Life is colourful to enrich our learning, so what have I learnt from this? I know it is cliché but every cloud does have a silver lining.

This has certainly taught me more about the importance of being in the now which I got to practice while revaluating the priorities in my life! I thank life for another experience to help me learn and expand my own perception.