Great leaders invest in themselves first!

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change…

When was the last time you prioritised your own development? Great leaders invest in themselves, and as a result see remarkable growth in their businesses.

We’ve created a group coaching taster day to provide an insight into how you can achieve your growth! This taster will give you a glimpse of the impact and long-term benefits that group coaching can offer you and your business.

You may find that being a part of a group of like-minded business people aids your business’ potential growth through collaboration with others and personal reflection, and want to learn more.

Power2Progress coaching can help you develop a powerful, positive and sustained transformation in your business and personal life.

Power2Progress Coaching Taster DayWhat you’ll take away

This taster day will challenge and empower you. It will give you tools to unlock higher levels of business thinking, giving you a great insight for the main event; regular group coaching sessions. The kind of areas we work on in the group coaching sessions:

  • Increase your focus do the things you really want to do!
  • Increase performance and productivity to gain greater profits.
  • Reduce your stress levels to improve productivity.
  • Improve relationships, reduced conflict.
  • Improve your work-life balance.
  • Be confident in delegation.
  • Have the tools & confidence to deal with difficult situations and people.
  • Minimise procrastination – maximise decision making.
  • Become a self-aware manager, better equipped to lead your team.
  • 3-4 clear objectives for the next 12-18 months.
  • 3-5 year growth plan.

Can you really have it all? Yes you can!

Why should you consider group coaching?

Leading a business or team can be demanding and often quite lonely as you can be under a lot of pressure to stay on top form. Group coaching sessions give you the opportunity to talk to people at the same level as you with similar experiences. It also gives you much needed distance so you can effectively reflect on your situation.

We have four levels of group coaching available to help you obtain the right support for you. Whether you join Business Boost, Sustained Growth, Peak Performance or Corporate Champions, you’ll develop close professional relationships with the people in your group forming a natural support network.

We’ve also added lots of other benefits of joining the group coaching programme, such as tailored seminars and training courses as well as access to our two day Power2Lead residential programme.

The coaching taster day focusses on your personal development and will identify the areas you may wish to grow. The day will be fun packed with many different insightful and unusual activities that will help you reflect on your leadership and business practices.

What ever the size of business you are welcome to join us.

Should you decide to join one of the coaching groups we will then discuss with you the most suitable group given your growth requirements.

What you will come away with:

  • Lots of tools and tips to help you lead and grow your business
  • A space for you to work on your business not in your business
  • Come up with solutions for your business challenges
  • Redefine your success definition and realign to it
  • Leading from the inside out – connect with your powerful leader
  • Lots of personal insights and growth
  • Know how to have an effective conversation with the outcome you would like to achieve
  • Give you a boost in your confidence to take action

Coaching Taster Day Details

Join us at a Power2Progress Coaching Taster Day to discover how you can unlock your full potential:

7th July 2016

9:30am for 10.00am – 4.00pm

Highgate House, Grooms Lane, Northampton, NN6 8NN

£159+ VAT

Including 3 course lunch

Book today!

What others have said about the programme:

“Anjana has a very positive and dynamic approach to developing leadership skills. This encourages a positive and open approach in return, which gets the best out you. Her approach will leave you revitalised and ready for all challenges!”

Simon Grantham, CEO, Miele


“Everyone is amazing – they just don’t always know it! The Power2Lead taster workshop will help you to realise you are amazing!”

Damien O’Dwyer, Owner, Business Growth


“Anjana runs the course in a very relaxed atmosphere and treats all attendees as equals. Not once did I feel uncomfortable about opening up – in fact it was very empowering to talk within a group of business leaders.”

Nishma Shah


“Working with Anjana recently has taken my business life to a whole new level.  Her intuitive, caring style of coaching has helped me to find the courage to do what I really want to do.  I didn’t expect coaching to benefit me in the same way as an Olympic athlete but delighted to say I’ve achieved all the Olympic-size goals, and trust me, the process was more fun than I thought it would be! Now I’m genuinely excited about the future of my business – I’ve got the power to progress!”

Shelia Smith, Business Owner, Shelia Smith Sales and Events


The Power2Progress promise

We promise you will be challenged to evolve into your authentic leader – not the leader you think should be, but the leader you are! We’ll provide practical tips to help you align your passions and personal strengths.

Result: increase in productivity profit and personal effectiveness!


GrowthAccelerator is a government funded scheme for small to medium size enterprises that are serious about growing. Find out how you can access half price training and up to seven days worth of coaching.

To be eligible, your business needs to:


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