How to Manage Difficult People – One Day – Master Class

Offers Management the Coaching and Practical Solutions to Improve Communication and Performance of the Team

·     How do you get the most from the Team?

·     Do you avoid dealing with difficult members of staff?


You may need to start doing less and delegating more, directing people from your position of authority and handling difficult people with confidence.


Attending an open workshop from our Power2Manage programme will guide you through a concentrated learning process, to equip managers like yourself with the skillsets to effectively and efficiently lead staff and deliver objectives.


How to manage difficult people is a one day course that offers management coaching and practical solutions to improve communication and performance of your team.


It enables you to deal with the challenging people in your team and have effective conversations, helping team performance and enhanced team relationships.

What you’ll take away


  • Greater awareness of your own management style.
  • How to identify different personalities and behaviour patterns.
  • The skills to manage conflict in the workplace.
  • Increased confidence in workplace communication.
  • Improved working relationships built on effective communication skills.
  • Improved team and personal performance.
  • Ability to practice skills in a safe environment.
  • Sharing case studies, best practise and working on real issues with people in your team.

Latest course Dates, Venue & Payment details:

 Workshop programme

Difference between Managers and LeadePower2Progress Group Coachingrs

  • The difference between management and leadership.
  • Identifying good managerial communication techniques.
  • How to measure the success of your communication.
  • How to build strong work relationships from a position of authority.
  • Holding inspiring team meetings and briefings.

Having difficult conversations confidently

  • Defining difficult behaviour and understanding behaviour patterns.
  • Understanding how to explore conflict rather than confront it.
  • Recognising the impact of our words/phrases and body language.
  • How to approach disruption of the team, low morale and underperformance.
  • How to structure difficult conversations.
  • Handling emotions and negativity.
  • Giving and receiving feedback.

 Who should attend this course

This course is suitable for business owners, managers, supervisors and team leaders across all sectors, who want a better understanding of the best management practices and how to implement them.

This course is aimed at mangers with all levels of experience and training, as we seek to improve personal skills to get the best performance from yourself and your team.

What others have said about the programme:

“Anjana has a great approach & makes people feel at ease almost instantaneously, despite the difficult conversation topic. While she ensures everyone’s having fun and working as a team, she delivers practical learning throughout which is reviewed at the end of the course. The course was very well aligned and kept everyone’s attention.”

Rosie Evans, Director, Rev Marketing


“How to manage difficult people proved to very informative and helpful – I would definitely attend other Power2Progress courses.”

Sam Shah


“I couldn’t believe how strong I felt when I left the workshop – I felt like an eagle flying through the sky. I definitely feel assured that I can deal with any awkward situations in the office now!”

Simon Lever

The Power2Progress promise

We understand that you are busy people so we have combined a number of crucial management topics into one packed day – making your time spent with us efficient and cost effective.

Result: Focused Management Development & Improved Communication!



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